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This is a list of the ed-tech stories I wrote for publications that aren't focused on education technology and as such does not include my writing on Edutopia, KQED's MindShift, or Inside Higher Ed.



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How data and analytics can improve education

A Day Without Native Apps: My Chromebook Experiment

Harry Potter Goes Google for the New Pottermore E-book Site

Enable Comments in the Margins of Your Website with Highlighter (& 1 Line of JavaScript)

Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Indicted for Data Theft: Downloading Millions of Academic Articles

Meet This Year's Imagine Cup Winners: Students Building World-Changing Tech

Google Announces the Winners of Its First Science Fair (Go Geek Girls!)

The Imagine Cup: Student-Built Technology Tackles the World's Most Pressing Problems

Robots for Everyone: Getting Kids Interested in Programming with Legos

The Student-Centered Netbook: Chromebook or Classmate PC?

Google Plus: Is This the Social Tool Schools Have Been Waiting For?


How the Library of Congress is building the Twitter archive

Is This The Tipping Point For E-Books & Libraries?

How Consumer Technology & User-Generated Content Are Changing Ed-Tech

J.K. Rowling's Next Chapter: A Transfiguration Spell on the Publishing Industry

Pottermore: J.K. Rowling Launches a Mysterious New Website

MiniMonos: Linking Kids' Virtual World and Real World Actions

Hopes & Fears: The Future of Kids & Tech at RWW2WAY

Evernote Re-engineers Studying By Flash Cards With Its New iPad App

Wikipedia Is "Making the Grade" With More & More Academics


Hey Kids, Build Your Own Video Games With Stencyl

What Should a Digital Public Library of America Look Like?

The Boundless Library: Explore the New York Public Library Collections on Your iPad

Disney to Pay $3 Million Settlement for Violating Children's Online Privacy

Will Chromebooks for Education Be a Good Deal for Schools?

Silicon Valley Execs Invest Over $3 Million in Rocketship Education

Turn Your Evernote Notes into Study Guides & Flashcards with StudyBlue

Tim O'Reilly On What OpenCourseWare Can Learn From the Open Source Movement


How Technology Will Disrupt Learning for a Lifetime, Not Just in the Classroom

Building an Ed-Tech Startup in a Weekend

Librarians React to Amazon's New Lending Library: More Questions Than Celebrations

Silicon Sisters Launches First iOS Game, Made By Women For Girls

Check Out Library Books on Your Kindle

YouTube Sends Infringers to Copyright School (But Is It a Good Education?)

Instructure Aims to Knock Down the Learning Management System Walled Garden

Let's Hack Education with Data (and a Contest from DonorsChoose)

Gates Foundation Distributes $10M to Build Tech Tools to Boost College Graduation

Fitango Helps You Keep Your Online Learning On Track

Get a Great Deal on Learning Something New with TeachStreet

Toddler Tech: Building Vocabulary Skills with GoodieWords for iOS

What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School?


InternMatch: Matching the Smartest Student Interns With the Hottest Tech Startups

The Teacher Who Gave Me Direction -- What Evaluations Can't Tell You

Beyond Textbooks: Chegg Adds Course Selection and Homework Help

Major Publisher Investment Advances Inkling as the Future of Digital Textbooks

College Grads Looking for Work at a NYC Startup? Try the NYC Startup Job Fair

Imagine K12 Launches a New Incubator for Ed-Tech Startups

Kids Can Now Build Their Own Xbox Games with Kodu Game Lab

1 in 4 College Textbooks Will Be Digital By 2015>

Should Your Startup Offer Virtual Internships?

$9 Million Program Gives Students Wireless Internet Access At Home, Not Just At School

Will E-Book Prices & Restrictions Lead to E-Book Piracy?

The MicroInterns: Middle-Schoolers Visit TechStars, Get a Lesson in Startup Life

How Recent Changes to Twitter's Terms of Service Might Hurt Academic Research


Mobile Phones, Educational Apps, and the Digital Divide

Sputnik, DARPA, and Rosa Parks Moments: Metaphors We Reform Education By

Do E-Book Users Need a Bill of Rights? (Librarians Think So)

"Skype in the Classroom" Launches to Connect Teachers & Students Worldwide

This Library E-Book Will Self-Destruct After 26 Check-outs

Study Finds the Internet Makes Youth More Engaged Citizens

MIT Opencourseware Turns 10: What's Next for Open Education

Internet Archive Partners With 150 Libraries to Launch an E-Book Lending Program

Exquisite Corpse 2.0: Collaborative Story Writing with FoldingStory

Student Tablet Maker Kno Reportedly In Talks To Sell Off Its Tablet Manufacturing

Augmented Reality Field Trips & the 150th Anniversary of the U.S. Civil War

President Obama Visits Intel to Highlight Education, Innovation, and Technology

InternMatch: Helping Match Student Interns and Startups

The Gates Foundation Invests in a Facebook App

Startl's Accelerator Program for Ed-Tech Startups Now Accepting Applications


Is This The Year of the Educational Tablet?

Update to Higher Education Classification System Shows Huge Growth in For-Profit Institutions

Neverware Breathes New Life Into Schools' Aging Computers

Research Finds Text-Messaging Improves Children's Spelling Skills

Google Apps Stocks Its Marketplace Full of Educational Apps

Mahalo Pivots to Focus on Video-Based Learning

How to Fund Open Educational Resources: Department of Education or Kickstarter?

Take a Walking Tour of Shakespeare's London With Your iPhone

Florida Virtual School: Is This What the School of the Future Will Look Like?

Student Developers Prefer Android at University of Pennsylvania Hackathon [Infographic]

New Kindle Lending Club Matches E-Book Borrowers and Lenders

EU Report Warns of "Digital Dark Age" if Digitization of Cultural Heritage Left to Private Sector

New MIT OpenCourseWare Initiative Aims to Improve Independent Online Learning

The Ultimate Study Guide: Wolfram Alpha Launches "Course Assistant" Apps

Report Finds Parental Monitoring Software May Carry Privacy and Liability Risks

Microsoft Expands Its Cloud-Based Educational Tools with Office 365

Kindle Comes to the Mac App Store

Google Announces the World's First Online Global Science Fair

View Your Prezi Presentations Anywhere Via New iPad App

British Library App Brings Dickens, The Beatles, Beowulf to Your Smartphone

FCC Report Finds Better Broadband Needed for Schools and Libraries

Virginia Poised to Ban Teacher-Student Texting, Facebooking

Rutgers University Project Uses Scratch to Make Household Appliances Easily Programmable

E-Book Checkouts From Libraries Up 200% Last Year

Google Apps Gives Schools a Better "Walled Garden" for Student Email

After Strong Holiday Sales for E-Readers, E-Books Outselling Print

Year-End Stats from MIT Point to Increasing Popularity of Open Educational Resources



Amazon Kindle Now Lets You Loan Your E-Books (Sorta)

Search & Display Over 10 Million Historical Government Records, Thanks to the National Archives

British Library Maps Evolution of English, Contribute Your Accent by Reading Mr. Tickle Aloud

Blogging Seems To Have Peaked, Says Pew Report

New Visualization Tool from Google With Data From 5.2 Million Digitized Books

Support Writers, Publishers, Non-Profits (Yes, Including WikiLeaks) With Donations Via Flattr

Google's App Inventor Now Open to Everyone

LearnBoost Crowdsources Its Translation, Open Sources Its Node.js Internationalization

Investing in Alpha Geeks, Hackers, and Hobbyists

Improved Reading of Free E-Books, As The Open Library Launches a New E-Reader

4 (More) Tools for Teaching Kids to Code

Colleges Caution Against "Welcome Class of 2015" Facebook Groups

I Know What You Read Last Summer - E-Readers and Privacy

New Visualization Tool Gives Real-Time View of What Scientists Are Reading

College Students Admit To "Shocking" Text Messaging Habits in Class


Learn about Venture Capital from Khan Academy

College Credit for Improving Wikipedia - Just Don't Cite it in a Paper!

Read Library E-Books on Your iPad with the Bluefire Reader App

New Social E-Reading Platform Allows Real-Time Discussions, Right On the E-Book's Pages

Teaching Students Computing at the Petascale Level

Founders of Kno, Khan Academy, NIXTY Debate Education and Entrepreneurship

Facebook Messaging, Teens and School Work: Can Facebook Be a Social Learning Network?

Cellphones in the Classroom - Distraction or Tool?

Girl Scouts Research Shows How Social Networking Impacts Girls' Self Image


Study for Your MBA Via a Facebook App

Omeka Launches a Hosted Platform to Move Museum Collections to the Cloud

Schoology Aims to Fix One of the Greatest Pain Points of Education

Survey Finds College Students Love Laptops But Not eReaders, Facebook But Not Twitter

Amazon Kindle Will Let You Lend Your eBooks. Once. Maybe.

Apple Adds Special Education Section to the App Store

Cal State Bans Students from Using Online Note-Selling Service

OpenStudy Teams Up With MIT OpenCourseWare to Help OCW Users Study Together

Borders Partners with BookBrewer to Turn Blogs into eBooks

Dept of Education Grant Will Improve Access to E-Books for Visually Impaired

Collect and Curate Data with Wolfram Alpha's Volunteer Program

Apple Awarded a Patent To Prevent Texting "Objectionable Content"

Bill Gates Announces $20 Million Program to Expand Educational Technology

The Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship

Google Launches Contest to Encourage Kids to Code

New York Schools Go Google

Despite Rumors, MIT OpenCourseWare Insists "No Paywall"

New LinkedIn Tool Helps College Students Visualize Their Career Paths

Number of Virtual World Users Breaks 1 Billion, Roughly Half Under Age 15


Kno Announces Single Screen Tablet Textbook

Zuckerberg Launches Education Foundation, Donates $100 Million to Newark Schools

Online Education Meets the MBA

Zotero, the Best Way to "Cite Your Sources," Now Available Everywhere

Build Your Ed-Tech Startup With Help from the Kauffman Foundation

Grockit Becomes First Educational App to Join Google's App Marketplace

Scitable's Mobile Strategy to Democratize Science Education

ResearchGATE Offers Social Networking for Scholars and Scientists

College Students Head Back to the Classroom - Except Not Really


As Interest in Online Learning Grows, Udemy Lands $1 Million in Angel Funding

5 Ways Tech Startups Can Disrupt the Education System

Google Summer of Code Gives Students Hands-On Experience With Open Source Projects

Virtualizing the University Computer Lab

4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code

Teachers Pick Their Top 5 Back-To-School Tech Tools

Just in Time for Back-to-School, LearnBoost Aces the Gradebook

Schools in Maryland Opt to "Go Google"

Scholars Build Blog-to-eBook Tool in One Week

Tracking What 21st Century Schools Should Teach

Is the Future of Education Online?


Another Major University Enrolls in Microsoft's Cloud

Ed-Tech Startup LearnBoost Takes Aim at Legacy Software Systems

Using Social Games to Teach Kids Entrepreneurship

ZooBurst Lets Kids Make Their Own AR Popup Book

The Biocep R Project Brings Open Science to the Cloud


THATCamp - Scholars and Archivists at the Intersection of Computing and the Humanities

Venture Capital in Education Summit: Showcasing Innovation and Investments in Education Startups

The Battles for Cloud-Based Education Heats Up

Google's New Secure Search May Force Schools to Block Google

OCWSearch Launches API

Education or Entrepreneurship: Do You Have to Make a Choice?


The Real-Time Web and K-12 Education: In and Out of the Classroom

Schoolhouse Funk: Bootsy Collins Launches Online Education Program

Google Releases Cloud Course, an Open Source Learning Platform

Einztein Launches PhD-Curated Online Education Search Guide

NCWIT, Edugirls Building a Diverse Tech Future

Online Learning Startup Udemy Launches with Plans to Democratize Online Education

College Calendaring System DormNoise Announces Series A Financing

Ning Announces New Pricing Model, Free Nings for Teachers

OpenCourseWare: Opportunities for the Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

Togetherville - A New Social Network for Kids


No Free Lunch For Ning Users, Plenty of Bargains Elsewhere

Twitter Archive is Nothing Without Tools, Funding

As Kids' Media Use Increases, Will Ed-Tech Investment Follow?


Cloud-Based, Open Source Future for Teachers?